Pacific Maple coasters

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Light tones for this set of six coasters in Pacific maple and black walnut with its coordinated base, elegance and lightness come together in a unique style.

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Set of six Pacific Maple coasters with Black Walnut inserts accompanied by a practical holder obtained from the same wood combined with steel


    • Woods: Pacific Maple / Black Walnut
    • Coasters: 10x10cm
    • Support: 10×14 cm


Marzano Design Coasters are the perfect combination of style and functionality. This set, of Pacific maple coasters with Black walnut inserts, combines aesthetics and durability thanks to the use of two types of resistant and at the same time fine wood, the perfect combination for an object that does not go unnoticed.

The wood:

Pacific maple is a very hard and compact wood, with a fine grain, suitable for inlay work; the color is white tending to yellow or pink. Maple has always been widely used for the manufacture of furniture. It is also used to make small objects such as accessories, decors, as well as for the construction of musical instruments.

Black walnut, also known as “Noce Canaletto”, is a wood that has an elegant texture with dark flamed or striped veins contrasted by lighter tones. It is a hard wood with a very compact fiber. Black walnut, which has always been used to make furniture and other accessories, is highly appreciated both for its high aesthetic value but also for its high impact resistance and its durability over time.

Our Work:

All our creations are handcrafted in small quantities, respecting the original features of the materials we use.

By combining ancient and modern techniques, we are committed to preserving the intrinsic characteristics of the materials we use; For this reason, if one of our articles is not available, we invite you to contact us using the appropriate contact form , we will be happy, where possible, to satisfy your requests.


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