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Bath shelf in Cedar wood burned with Shou Sugi Ban technique. A unique object, marked by the power of fire, beauty beyond perfection.

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Bathtub shelf in carbonized cedar wood made with Shou Sugi Ban technique.


  • Material: Charred Cedar
  • Dimensions (cm): L 85 x W 25/19

The Technique:

The Shou Sugi Ban , which literally translates into “burnt cedar boards”, is a technique that dates back to around the 1700s. This technique consists of carbonizing the surface of the wood, closing the pores and making the board much more waterproof and also more resistant to fire and parasites.

The wood:

Cedar wood is particularly appreciated because it is solid , resistant and aromatic.

Cedar wood isoften used to make elegant furniture and accessories. Nowadays Cedar wood finds various uses in industrial sectors and is highly appreciated for the making of furniture and wardrobes.

In the old times the furniture makersused cedar wood, due to its resistance andbecause of the characteristic scent that made it perfect for the bases of linen drawers, for the internal lining of wardrobes or as in this case, for a bathtub shelf. Cedar wood releases a characteristic smell, very pleasant to humans but extremely unpleasant for the insects. We can definitely say that cedar wood it is the perfect material for those who want to furnish their home with taste, but without sacrificing practicality.

This bathtub shelf in carbonized cedar, it will be the ideal piece of furniture to give an extra touch of style to your bathroom.

Our Work:

All our creations are handcrafted in small quantities, respecting the original features of the materials we use.

By combining ancient and modern techniques, we are committed to preserving the intrinsic characteristics of the materials used to the maximum; For this reason, if one of our articles is not available, we invite you to contact us using the appropriate contact form , we will be happy, where possible, to satisfy your requests.


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