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Pacific Maple bottle holder
This is the concept behind the design of the bottle holder balanced by the weight of the sole bottle it holds; Black walnut and Pacific maple, a perfect combination.

Marzano Design firmly believes that every object, designed in the right way, can be worth display it and from here our articles, despite being objects of common use, become gems to use and to show.

The search for the right type of wood, which we deliberately do not want to treat with paints or colors, but we enhance in its natural veins and colors.

We take particular care in treating this living material, the oils and waxes used are all natural, suitable for use on items that will come into contact with food.

The use of cocoa butter, walnut oil, carnauba wax make our items 100% safe.

Charred bottle holder
Tradition and innovation come together in the creation of this coasters with a modern design but with ancient characteristics, a personal reinterpretation of an ancient Japanese technique used since the 18th century.
Black Walnut Coasters
Beautiful set of six coasters made from the union of two unique woods, black walnut and Pacific maple.

Cutting boards, coasters, bottle holders, but also the bathtub boards that will come into contact with our moist skin, are all finished with natural oils and waxes.

The choice of the type of wood to use is always made according to the use of the object.

Small details that make the difference, we don’t want our customers to be disappointed. We do not want you to say that the cutting board did not withstand their use, that the coaster was immediately stained with water or that the bathtub board was deformed.

This does not mean that you do not have to take care of it, wood always remains a living material that requires pampering and attention, so that it can last over time.

Time will leave its marks, but this will simply enhance the beauty of your wooden accessories.

In some other articles we will give you the right advice on how to treat natural wood to preserve it for a long time.

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